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We listened to recruiters when we built RecruitTrack™. As a result, we designed RecruitTrack™ to be a modular system so that it can be easily customized to meet your needs without costing you a fortune. 

In addition, the modular design allowed us to build one of the most powerful and flexible contact management systems available today. RecruitTrack™ contains the following features:

bullet The ability to keep detailed records of Companies, Individuals (Contacts, Candidates, & Employees) and Requisitions/Job Orders.
bullet A Journal Link System that automates the repetitive tasks of entering and tracking your research on employers and individuals by maintaining records and links to the sources of original research.

bullet Integration with ResumeMirror™ for resume parsing.
bullet The Ability to search records based on various criteria including: company names, individual names, positions, work history, and specific skill sets.
bullet Integration with Microsoft Outlook to aid you in managing appointments and tasks.
bullet Integration with Crystal Reports to allow you to create custom ad hoc reports that meet your needs.
bullet A powerful search feature that returns thousands of records in seconds.
bullet The option to save frequently used lists and searches.
bullet Wizards to aid busy search consultants, research staff, and managers plan their work so that they can maximize productivity.
bullet Powerful time saving features including: automatic phone dialing; integrated fax; sending email and the ability to link to URLs.
bullet A web component that allows you to publish Requisitions/Job Orders onto a website, maximizing your placement potential.
Please contact us or request a demo to learn more about RecruitTrack™.

You may also take the RecruitTrack™ Online Demo Presentation to learn more about some of the features the software application has to offer.